A Birthday Suprise…Your Going to Disney World Right Now!

Queue up the music its time for another Magical Disney Moment! That’s right, the weekend is finally here that we Surprise our son Bret with the Birthday present of a lifetime….a trip to Walt Disney World, and its happening Right Now!

Both my wife and myself have been to The Magic Kingdom on our birthday’s and Bret has always said he wanted to be able to get that birthday button for himself. So we decided this was the year to make that happen!

We only decided to do this in the past few weeks so I have been diligently booking our resort stay at Pop Century as well as flights, Disney’s Magical Express,  Fastpass+, dining reservations for his Birthday Dinner at Teppan Edo, and so much more all while he had no idea this was being done.  We did all of the packing while he was at school, I will say it does make it easier that we keep most of the essentials like cellphone chargers and toiletries packed from trip to trip.  I have made sure not mention the trip on any social media site, we all know how tech savy a 13 year old is now days. Do you know how hard it is to be excited to be going to Disney World and not tell anyone? Its not easy!! Even this post was not written until we were on the way to the airport.

The plan was simple, he would go to school this morning not knowing that anything was happening over the long weekend other than his usual marathon of video game play. We would pick him up from school at noon because today was to be a half day and out Friday and Monday. Then the snow storm hit and no school today (Thursday) either so time to come up with plan “B”. Being that everything is packed and ready to go we will still not tell him until it is time to leave the house to hand him his present, which is a new set of MagicBands and to be told “Your Going to Disney World……Right Now!”

So where are we now, on our way to the airport for a flight to MCO then its off to The Magic Kingdom after a quick stop at Pop Century!

Want to follow along? I will be posting to Twitter @WDWRLD as well as Instagram WDWRLD all weekend.



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