Your Questions For My Upcoming MagicBand Test

As many of you know I was selected to test out the new Disney My MagicBand on a upcoming trip to Walt Disney World. Well time has come, bags are packed and I am ready to go! Sunday morning I fly to Disney World and this will be the day I will be using the MagicBand for my room key, charging privileges, and to use the Fastpass+ system. So this is where you come in, I want to know what questions you have for how this will work. I will do my best to find the answers out to your questions and post them in my review post after the trip is over. Please leave as many questions as you have below in the comments section. You can also follow along with my day at both twitter@WDWRLD and facebook/brianskinnerMMPTravel as I make this a Coast to Coast venture. That’s right Im going to visit the Magic Kingdom in Florida Monday afternoon and will be in Disneyland in California Tuesday all within 24hours. I will also be at the 2013 D23 Expo over the weekend so be sure to follow along for all the up to the minute happenings of the “Ultimate Disney Fan Event”.

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3 Responses to Your Questions For My Upcoming MagicBand Test

  1. Chad Weirick says:

    Question: I booked trip for myself and my partner on my credit card so assume my magic band will b linked to it but can his band be linked to his own credit card or does mine have to b used on both? Thanx! Chad

  2. Diana CF says:

    I love Chad’s questions!

    Also, I’m very curious about the “set your fast passes on your computer”(?) aspect of the magic bands. I’ve had hit and miss luck using my smart phone in the parks (hopefully the AT&T partnership will improve that). So do I need to sit down the night before and select my fastpasses for the next day? or will it be like dining reservations and I’ll have to plan my rides months in advance?

    Thanks for being the guinea pig : ) We are 56 days out and hoping/wondering if we will get to use the Magic Bands!

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