Packing for the Port, Planning for Embarcation Day on a Disney Cruise!

The Disney Dream at Port Canaveral

The Disney Dream at Port Canaveral

Many people ask “What should I bring or wear when I board a Disney Cruise ship?”. First off, you will have your luggage that is checked with a porter when you arrive at the cruise terminal and will have your clothing and any personal toiletries. Today we are discussing those things you should physically have on you when you board the ship.

Your Day Bag – You should have a small bag that you will carry when you board the ship. It should be as small as possible but large enough to fit in everything that you will need untill your cabin is ready later in the day. Remember you will have to carry this where ever you go until your cabin is ready.

Clothing – Carry a change of clothing that could be worn to dinner that night if necessary. It does not happen very often but it could, your bag could be misplaced and delayed in getting to your cabin.

Valuables – You should never pack anything of Value or that is fragile in your checked baggage. Your luggage isnt spending the day at the buffet and relaxing by the pool. Cameras, iPads, money and wine….yes you can bring your own wine onboard Disney Cruise Line, are some of the items that you will want to have so you will want to put those in your day bag also.

Medication – Pack your medication with you, dont risk needing it and not being able to get to it.

Sunscreen – If you are out exploring the upper decks you are out in the sun. You dont want to get sunburn before you even leave the dock because there will be plenty of time for that at Castaway Cay!

Sail Away Party on the Disney Wonder

Sail Away Party on the Disney Wonder

Now that we know what to bring and how to get it there lets discuss what to wear. When you get to the port you will see people dressed in many ways. But for me I suggest wearing your swimsuit. Thats right, after you hit the buffet and while everyone else is killing time wandering the decks waiting for that message that the cabins are ready, head to the pools or if you are on the Fantasy or Dream the Aqua Duck. This will be the least crowded time that you will get to take a ride on this amazing water coaster and you will be able to tell all your table mates at dinner how great it is!

Waits of 30-40 minutes are not uncommon during the day at sea or in the afternoons. I would suggest a change of clothing in your day bag to quickly change into in case of storms or to make unpacking easier without being cold and wet. One other thing to make sure you do if you have small kids before the ship leaves the dock is visit the kids clubs. After the ship sails parents are not allowed in the areas that the chirldren are.

Now the only thing left to do is find out what the drink of the day is and get ready for one of the best vacations you could imagine….See Ya Setting Sail Real Soon!

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